Made In Cookware Vs All Clad – Reviewing the Best Cookware for Your Kitchen?

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Your kitchen deserves the best. If you’re looking to replace your cookware, a high-quality product ensures years of hassle-free service life.

In this review, we compare two of the leading brands in cookware. We unpack the offers from Made In Cookware Vs All Clad to see which company gives you the best deal.

All Clad is a leading name in cookware, with an established reputation across the United States. However, the Made In cookware set presents excellent value for money.

Which brand deserves your business? Let’s take a deep dive into both collections to see which one deserves a spot in your kitchen.

Made In Cookware Vs All Clad – Reviewing the Best Cookware for Your Kitchen?

Made In Cookware Vs All Clad – Who Are They?

Made In Cookware

Made In Cookware is one of the leading brands in America. The company has headquarters in Austin, TX, with five full-time employees. The company is new to the cookware industry, launching in 2017 with a range of stainless and carbon steel products.

Jake Kalick and Chip Malt founded the company, with the Kalick family having over a century of experience working in the kitchen supply industry.

They discovered manufacturing partners in Italy for their stainless steel collection and France for the carbon steel collection. The French partners have centuries of experience working with carbon steel, and they also produce the knives for the Made In range.

Jake transferred this knowledge into the company, producing cookware with fast induction times. The result is outstanding performance in the kitchen and a full range of cookware to suit your needs.

The Made In cookware non-stick stainless pans have a reputation as some of the best in the market. 3-Star Michelin restaurants and professional chefs rely on Made In cookware in their kitchens.

Made In use a fully-clad method in their cookware design, with a 5-ply bonded stainless steel. The stainless steel comes in 430-grade stainless steel for optimal heat dispersion across the cooking surface.

The Made In carbon steel collection features genuine carbon steel with a fully-clade design. All Made In skillets and pans require seasoning before use, and they are not dishwasher safe.

All Clad Cookware

All-Clad cookware is one of the most established brands in premium cookware. The company has a global reputation for producing a range of high-quality products, giving them status as one of the market leaders.

John Ulam founded All-Clad cookware in 1971 in Canonsburg, PA. Ulman is a professional metallurgist by trade, bringing his knowledge to the cookware market. His innovative “cladding” method involves using corrosion-resistant steel on the exterior and a core featuring conductive aluminum.

This multi-clad design features exceptional heat conduction and dispersion properties, allowing the pan to disperse heat across the cooking surface faster. This award-winning design soon set the industry benchmark, and most premium cookware manufacturers started using the all-clad process.

Made In Cookware Vs All Clad – Design, Materials, and Performance

Both All-Clad and Made In offer products with high-quality materials and manufacturing.

All-Clad is a true American brand, sourcing all its materials locally and manufacturing products from its Canonsburg factory in Pennsylvania.

Made In utilizes European manufacturing partners in France and Italy to source materials and manufacture its range. Made In controls its operations from its head office in Austin, TX.

Here are the key differences between All-Clad and Made In cookware.

Construction and Materials

Made In offers one type of design – 5-ply stainless or carbon steel, featuring a 3-ply aluminum core.

All-Clad has 2-ply, 3-ply, 4-ply, and 5-ply designs with a range of core materials, depending on the product or collection.

Made In carbon steel pans deliver the same heat retention as cast iron, with the heat control you get with stainless steel.

All-Clad doesn’t have a carbon steel cookware range.

Heat Test Results

A home test reveals the Made In 12″ pan heats faster, retaining the heat for longer, than the All-Clad variant. Both models distribute heat evenly across the cooking surface without creating hot-spots.

Oven-Safe Temperatures

All-Clad stainless steel collections are oven and broiler safe up to 600F. Its non-stick cookware is temperature rated to 500F.

The Made In stainless steel collection handles up to 800F, and the non-stick pans are oven-safe up to 500F. The carbon steel collection can tolerate up to 1,200F.

Made In Cookware Vs All Clad – What Is the Price Difference?

All-Clad is the more expensive of the two brands.

The 10-Piece 3-ply set from All-Clad includes the following.

  • 8.5″ & 10.5″ Skillet
  • 2 QT Sauce Pan with lid
  • 3 QT Sauce Pan with lid
  • 4.5 QT Sear & Roast Pan with lid
  • 5 QT Stock Pot with lid

This set retails for $699.99.

If we compare that to the Sous Chef Kit from Made In

  • 10″ Non-Stick Pan
  • 10″ Stainless Clad Pan
  • 12″ Carbon Steel Pan
  • 2 QT Saucepan and Lid
  • 4 QT Saucepan and Lid
  • 3.5 QT Sauté Pan and Lid
  • 8 QT Stock Pot and Lid

This set retails for $599.

It’s clear that Made In is the more affordable option. The Sous Chef kit comes with more cookware, and you save $100 off the All-Clad price.

Made In also has options for in-house financing available.

Made In Cookware Vs All Clad – Reviewing the Best Cookware for Your Kitchen?

Made In Cookware Vs All Clad – The Verdict

If you want the best cookware for your kitchen, we recommend going with Made In. All-Clad cookware is exceptional, but we feel the design and materials used in the Made In series is just as good as the All-Clad range.

Made In also comes at an affordable price, with a great selection of sets to suit any size kitchen or chef’s requirements. Why spend more on All-Clad when you get a similar product with Made In?

Made In offers imported materials and expert fabrication, and whether you buy a frying pan or a saucier, Made In features outstanding quality – at an affordable price.

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