Made In Cookware vs Calphalon – Which Is the Better Choice for your Kitchen?

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Searching for a new cookware set is fun. However, after a few hours of browsing through hundreds of listings, you’re probably feeling some confusion about purchasing the right set for your kitchen.

In this review, we look at two of the leading brands in home cookware, Made In cookware vs Calphalon. We unpack both companies’ offerings to see which brand offers you the best cookware for your kitchen.

Made In Cookware vs Calphalon – Which Is the Better Choice for your Kitchen?

Made In Cookware vs Calphalon – How Did They Start?

Made In

Made In is a newcomer to the cookware market. Jake Kalick and Chip Malt founded the company back in 2017. The Kalick family has over a century in the kitchen supply industry. Jake brings his family’s extensive knowledge to Made In cookware. Made In Cookware has offices in Austin, Texas.


Founded in 1963 by Ronald M. Kasperzak, Calphalon is an established cookware brand with offices and manufacturing facilities in Perrysburg, Ohio. Kasperzak rebranded the company from Commercial Aluminum Cookware to Calphalon in 1992, expanding the company’s range into nonstick and stainless steel cookware.

Made In Cookware vs. Calphalon – What Is the Difference Between this Cookware?

Calphalon has a more comprehensive range than Made In. However, Made In has a specialized range available through a direct-to-=consumer pricing and distribution model on the company’s official website.

Calphalon does offer a direct-to-consumer selling model for most of its products, except for the Elite range, which is exclusively available through Williams-Sonoma.

Calphalon has seven cookware ranges, with multiple sets available in each range. 

The seven ranges include Elite, Signature, Premier, Classic, Contemporary, Select by Calphalon, and Simply Calphalon. You have options for stainless steel, cast-iron, nonstick, and ceramic cookware sets.

Calphalon has an excellent selection of cookware, with any size pot, pan, saucier, or skillet you need – and more.

Made In cookware reviews show that this new brand is gaining traction in the restaurant and cookware industry. Celebrity chefs like Tom Colicchio endorse Made In cookware, and top Michelin-star chefs rely on it in professional kitchens.

Made In focuses on providing a practical cookware range that offers you plenty of versatility in the kitchen. The Sous Chef and Executive Chef sets from Made In are in line with the top sets from market leaders like All-Clad.

The primary difference between these two brands is the materials and manufacturing sources. Made In work with partners in Italy and France to produce its cookware line.

Calphalon chooses to work with Chinese partners and materials for its product range. While the Calphalon range is every bit as durable and offers the same performance in the kitchen, we feel we would rather go with an EU manufacturer than a Chinese alternative.

Made In Cookware vs Calphalon – What’s the Price Difference?

Made In is slightly more expensive than the Calphalon range. That’s understandable. Made In works with European manufacturing partners in France and Italy for its stainless steel and carbon steel range.

It’s manufacturing partners have extensive experience in manufacturing carbon and stainless steel, with the highest-grade materials.

In contrast, Calphalon manufacture in China, so it’s understandable that they have a cost advantage. While the manufacturing might occur in China, the company ensures only the highest-grade materials end up in its cookware range.

However, the cookware sets from Made In and Calphalon have similar pricing. To compare the Made In and Calphalon pricing models, we’ll look at the 11-piece “Sous Chef” set from Made In and the Calphalon Signature™ Stainless Steel 10-Piece Cookware Set.

The Calphalon Stainless steel set retails for $599, and the Made In “Sous Chef” set retails for the same price at $599.

With the Made In cookware set, you get the addition of the three carbon-steel skillets instead of the stainless steel pans in the Calphalon option.

Which one you choose depends on your preference. We find that carbon steel skillets are our preferred choice, offering you the heat retention of cast-iron and the fast heating time and temperature control of stainless steel.

Made In Cookware vs Calphalon – What are the Pros and Cons?

Calphalon Pros

  • Affordable nonstick cookware
  • 5-ply clad design
  • High-quality materials
  • More lids than the Made In Sous Chef set

Calphalon Cons

  • Stainless and cast-iron products made in China
  • Not suitable for oven temperatures over 350F
  • No carbon steel options

Made In Pros

  • Manufactures with European partners
  • Endorsed by celebrity chefs
  • Used in Michelin-star restaurants
  • 5-ply clad design
  • Carbon steel cookware available
  • Oven safe to 1,200F

Made In Cons

  • Slightly more expensive than Calphalon
Made In Cookware vs Calphalon – Which Is the Better Choice for your Kitchen?

Made In Cookware vs Calphalon – The Verdict

It’s challenging to settle on a final winner for the best cookware between these brands. However, we feel that Made In offers you a better set. The 11-piece “Sous Chef” set from Made In gives you a selection of stainless and carbon steel cookware, with all the items you need for your kitchen.

With Made In, you get more variety in the set and the same top-quality 5-ply construction for a fully-clad design.

When we’re facing a tough choice, we look for social proof as to the deciding factor in our purchase decision. In this case, Made In has an endorsement from leading celebrity chefs like Tom Colicchio. Made In is also trusted in Michelin-star restaurants and used by professional chefs across the United States.

Made In also manufacture with European partners instead of the Chinese firms used by Calphalon. Therefore, we give the title of the best cookware for your kitchen to Made In.

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