Misen vs. Caraway: Best Direct To Consumer Cookware Reviews Compared

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Being a professional cook or a home cook, a meal is only good when it has the right ingredients in the right amount. However, it is not just about the protein that makes the meal but the cookware too. Buying reliable cookware is as necessary as buying fresh vegetables for food. 

But, what brands should you trust, Misen vs. Caraway? Both being the startups have made significant popularity among home cooks as well as professional chefs. Let’s briefly take a look at how both the brands work in different categories and which one is best among them. 

Misen vs. Caraway

Overview of Misen and Caraway

Before beginning with a detailed product review of both the cookware brands, it’s essential to give you an insight into their background. You should know how they came into being and became successful in the cookware industry. 


Misen is one of the highly publicized and famous cutlery and cookware brand. It is known for its affordable pricing, top-notch use of materials, and intuitive design. After a successful campaign, the brand collected more than $1.2 million in funds in 2018 from 13,000 supporters to bring Misen Chef’s Knife back to the market. 

In French, “mise en place” means “put in place” from where the name Misen originated. Most chefs use the term to explain how the cooking stations are prepared with all necessary ingredients and tools.  

Now, Misen has launched numerous high-quality non-stick cookware and stainless steel cookware. The affordable pricing is the result of their direct-to-consumer model. However, the products are generally manufactured in China.  


CEO Jordon Nathan founded Caraway in the year 2018. The New York-based cookware company is also a direct-to-consumer startup that has gained enormous trust and recognition from consumer reviews, including CNET and Good Housekeeping. 

The idea to open the cookware company came to Jordon when he forgot to switch off the burner on which the Teflon pan continues to burn for over 45 minutes. It filled his residence with smoke and fumes. Thus, he decided to manufacture safe cookware as a substitute for regular non-stick cookware. 

The motto of Caraway is to offer quality cookware without the use of chemicals. That’s why their cookware uses eco-friendly ceramic instead of polytetrafluoroethylene. The name is also inspired by a caraway seed, a distinct and versatile spice to be used in both savory and sweet dishes. 

Functioning of the Product

Misen has a wide range of cookware sets to choose from. It has also launched its unique carbon steel pans. On the other hand, Caraway offers only one of its type cookware collection. It is a complete set which can save you a lot of money. 

Let’s discuss how Misen vs. Caraway Cookware functions.

Misen Cookware Set

Misen Cookware Set is known for its heft. It’s not that heavy that you cannot manage the pan, but it is slightly heavier in comparison to most stainless steel pans.  The heft and sturdy feel of the Misen’s pans are because of its 3.0 mm thick walls. 

The thickness is the reason how quickly and efficiently the cooks absorb heat and distribute it evenly throughout the wall and cooking surface.

The best part of the Men’s pans is its 5-ply construction. The five individual layers make a whole pan. Further, the interior and exterior are made of stainless steel and a three-layer aluminum core at the center. Thus, it makes the pan extra durable and non-reactive to acidic food items.

Caraway Cookware Set

Caraway Cookware set is made of the heavy-gauge aluminum core, which is free of cadmium, lead, and other toxic elements. The exterior and interior come with a mineral-based ceramic coating that boasts a stainless steel plate at the bottom. Thus, you can easily use it on induction cooktops. 

Caraway uses a ceramic coating that means it has an aluminum core in the center. The cookware is manufactured with all the natural minerals like quartz sand and clay minerals. Also, it is an earth-friendly option in comparison to Teflon.

The pan’s cooking performance is excellent. The surface heats up quickly than Misen’s plans. Its non-toxic ceramic coating is safe to use. You wouldn’t need to use much oil for cooking eggs or sliding them along the pan. 


Let’s find out how design and other features, who turns out to be the best Misen or Caraway? 


Caraway Cookware comes with a miner-based and multi-layer ceramic coating which is naturally non-stick. The pan’s interior has a smooth luster and touch that appeal to its non-stick surface. In contrast, Misen pans are made with stainless steel cooking surfaces on both interior and exterior of the pan. 

Misen and Caraway both boast a functional and classy design of their pan. Both are well-suited for traditional and modern kitchen styles. 

The rims of Caraway cookware are not flared, which prevents liquid spilling and makes flipping of eggs easier for even a beginner chef. However, it is not highly efficient for pouring liquids. In contrast, Misen pans have a steeper design and flared arms which prevent spilling even while pouring. 


Caraway handles are hollow and made of mirrored stainless steel. However, they are prone to fingerprints, just like Misen’s handles. However, unlike Misen, the Caraway handles get hot when they are close to the cooking surface. 

Misen vs. Caraway

Purchase and Price Information

You can find the desired cookware exclusively on the websites of Misen and Caraway. Both the brands follow a direct-to-consumer policy which eliminates the retailer prices. That’s why the price is quite affordable. 

Though Caraway cookware is made in New York, it has a reasonable price that every home cook can easily purchase. Alternatively, the low cost of Misen is also because its products are manufactured in China. 

Pros and Cons

Now, it’s time to discuss the Pros and Cons of Misen vs. Caraway.

Misen Pros:

  • Misen cookware is available at affordable pricing
  • Compatible with most cooktops such as induction
  • Cookware comes with steeper walls to better contain ingredients and prevent spilling
  • Provide a 60-day home trial and a lifetime guarantee

Misen Cons:

  • Visible Smudges on the polished handle
  • Products are made in China
  • Comes with limited options on cookware

Caraway Pros:

  • Manufactures eco-friendly cookware without any hint of chemicals
  • Sophisticated, modern, and stylish design of the cookware
  • Even heating cooking surface
  • Available in various color choices

Caraway Cons:

  • New in the market so lack trust and credibility
  • Has only one complete cookware collection
  • Non-stick ceramic can easily break down compared to a traditional non-stick surface

Final Thoughts

Misen vs. Caraway, which cookware should you choose? Both the brands are startups and are growing significantly in the market. However, we would recommend Misen because of its popularity and authenticity. 

On comparing both the cookware, you can notice how effectively the Misen pan can prevent spilling of liquids and keep the ingredients contained all the time. 


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