Misen Vs. Greenpan: Cookware Options Compared

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Are you planning to make changes or updates to your collection of kitchen cookware? Well, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Investing in clad aluminum cookware is one good way of updating your kitchen appliances and getting better at your cooking game. Two such companies known for their clad aluminum products are Misen and Greenpan.

In this article, a detailed description of Misen vs. Greenpan has been focused upon. Read on to learn more about the same!

Misen Vs. Greenpan

Overview of Misen and Greenpan

Before we delve into the characteristic details of Misen and Greenpan products, we need to draw our attention towards a basic overview of the two companies. 


Misen is a cookware company that has newly entered the market in 2018. It’s backed by the idea of paying tribute to the French concept of ‘Mise en’ that indicates the idea of setting up the cooking station with the required ingredients and equipment before starting to serve. 

Misen is known for providing tough competition to some of the other well-known companies in the field of selling and manufacturing cookware. This includes brands such as Made in and Greenpan. 

Its high-quality products, innovative designs, and affordable prices are some factors that have allowed it to gain popularity over time. 


Greenpan is a Belgian cookware brand that entered the market 10 years ago. Its main aim was to provide an alternative to the PFOA traditional non-stick pans being sold in the markets and to come up with relatively safer options.

After years of searching, the Belgian brand came up with its unique non-PFOA cookware made of a ceramic coating called Thermolon. 

Over the last few years, Greenpan has managed to gain immense popularity in the market.

The Functioning of the Products 

Below-mentioned is a careful analysis of the functioning of Greenpan and Misen cookware sets. You can refer to these before arriving at a decision.

Misen Cookware Sets 

Misen is a valued and reputed international brand in the cookware market. Its cookware items are made of high-quality clad-aluminum that has effective heat absorbent and distribution features.

This allows the food to be properly cooked and prevents the aluminum from draining into the food elements added to the pan. Its handles too have a long sleek design with a good grip for the ease of its users.

In the starter cookware set of Misen, one can get access to three-quart pans with lids, sauté dishes, and a ten-inch-sized skillet.

Greenpan Cookware sets

In contrast to Misen, Greenpan is a relatively new brand in the market of cookware. However, the main point of difference that sets Greenpan apart from Misen is the material it uses to manufacture its products.

As mentioned earlier, the cookware sets of Greenpan offer a great amount of variety and have a non-stick surface. They do not involve the use of PFOA. Instead, Greenpan uses naturally derived ceramic known as Thermolon. 

Its cookware sets are dishwasher-safe, have induction compatibility, and are available in several sizes and colors.


The next part under Misen vs. Greenpan, focuses on a close analysis of their features to determine which is better. 


Misen cookware products have a sleek stainless steel design involving the use of clad aluminum. It has a shiny and polished interior and exterior portion that adds to its appeal and attracts customers interested in purchasing ‘modern style’ cutlery. 

Additionally, the Misen cookware is available in two colors, namely black and stainless steel.

As in the case of Greenpan, a variety of colors are available, including pink, blue, turquoise, along with black and stainless steel options too.


The Misen handles are elongated and square-shaped handles constituting a shiny and polished look. They are pleasing to look at, are good at absorbing heat, and can stay cool even during the process of cooking. This reduces the risk of burns or injuries. 

Additionally, Misen handles offer a secure grip even while moving the food around.

Greenpan handles, too, are innovatively designed. They come in two popularly known categories, i.e., stay cool and steel-brushed handles. While the metal handles of Greenpan products are likely to get heated up during cooking, this process will be rather slow. 

This problem may arise if the handles are exposed to naked flames for a long time.

Price Information

Greenpan and Misen are very close competitors in terms of price. The products of both are slightly expensive. However, there is a point to be noted here!

Even though Misen is an all-clad stainless steel product selling company, its prices aren’t extremely high. Taking into consideration the quality of its products and its advanced features, it is a form of cookware worth your money. Additionally, as the place of manufacturing of these products is in China, the costs are likely to remain down.

As in the case of Greenpan, prices vary as per the style. While some are cheaper than Misen, others are way more expensive despite the use of ceramic. This is where many customers may give Misen an edge in contrast to Greenpan.

Misen Vs. Greenpan

Pros and Cons

Pros of Misen

  • Premium quality 
  • Even distribution of heat 
  • Good grip handles 
  • Heat absorbent handles

Cons of Misen

  • Options are limited

Pros of Greenpan

  • Various options in colors and shapes
  • Avoids use of PFOA
  • Natural materials used 
  • Affordable

Cons of Greenpan

  • Prices change as per styles

Summing Up

In accordance with the careful analysis conducted between Greenpan and Misen products, we recommend Misen over Greenpan. This is on account of its premium quality products and yet the affordable rate it offers to its customers. 

While the material used by Greenpan may be safer, the heating up of handles and the relatively higher prices, despite that, pulls it back.


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