Misen vs. Made In: Detailed Cookware Comparison

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The cookware and kitchen knives have become highly competitive in the market as many new brands are emerging in the cookware industry. That’s why it becomes difficult to find efficient kitchen tools to perform kitchen tasks effortlessly. 

Two such acclaimed brands in the cutlery and cookware industry are Made In and Misen. This article will compare their cookware products in terms of their performance, features, and prices. So, keep reading to find out the winner between Misen vs. Made In.  

We recommend Misen’s top quality cooking products given its balance between affordability and quality

While Misen and Made In are both top quality kitchenware, we found Misen’s unique 3-Stick Non-Layer construction and its Titanium-Infused Plasma Primer as a unique advantage over Made In. Misen’s affordability and emphasis on quality makes it an optimal makes it a key piece of our cooking toolkit.

Overview of Misen and Made In

Before getting to the product review, let’s read and familiarize ourselves with the background of both the brands and how they evolved.


The name Misen came from a French term, “mise en place,” which decodes as “put in place.” The chef used to use the term while describing the cooking station’s preparing process with necessary ingredients and tools. 

In 2018, a campaign raised more than $1.2 billion in funds with the help of 13,000 patrons from where Misen emerged. The campaign brought Misen Chef’s Knife back to the market. Misen Chef’s Knife Misen is a well-reputed cutlery and cookware brand that emphasizes quality materials, affordable pricing and thoughtful design.

Made In

In the year 2016, the childhood friends Chip Matt and Jake Kalick launched the brand named Made In. Kalick’s family had a family business of kitchen supplies that made him an industry expert. 

The company offers affordable pricing because it sells directly to the customers by eliminating mediators from the selling process. Made In products include mostly different types of pans, pots, and fully forged kitchen knives. Moreover, Made In has received more than 8,000 positive reviews from verified buyers. 

Functioning of the Products

At present, Made In manufactures carbon steel cookware while Misen has launched its own carbon steel pans. Furthermore, the Misen’s pans and pots have stainless clad, whereas Made In provides mixed sets including blue carbon steel, stainless clad, and non-stick. 

Let’s compare the cookware sets from each brand.

Misen Cookware Set

You will instantly notice the thickness of the pan. Thickness is important in Misen pans because it gave the pan a sturdy feel and helps to absorb heat. This way, there is consistent and even temperature along the walls and cooking surface. 

Misen pans come with 5-ply construction that means the five separate metal layers are combined together to build this durable pan. The pan’s interior and exterior are made of stainless steel equipped with a 3-layer aluminum core in the center. 

What this aluminum core does is distribute and transfer equal heat where the steel makes a suitable cooking surface. The best part is the surface does not show any reaction with acidic ingredients; that’s what makes it ultra-durable. 

On comparing with Made In stainless steel pan, Misen does get heated at a fast rate. 

Made In Cookware Set

Made In gets its products manufactured from Italy, France, and the United States. The Stainless Clad Cookware set comes with 5-ply bonded construction. Cladded cookware is manufactured as such because of bonding and layering materials to enhance corrosion resistance, heat retention and control, and durability. 

The five layers of thick and durable metal include the interior layer of American-made 18/10 stainless steel that offers high oxidation resistance. Moreover, the exterior is equipped with magnetic 403 stainless steel to use efficiently on induction cooktops. 


Let’s compare different features to determine who among Misen vs. Made In stands out as the best. 


Both pans and cookware set from Misen and Made are equipped with a stainless steel interior and the exterior cooking surface. 

Misen pans, as mentioned above, are relatively thicker compared to Made In pans. However, the difference between their thickness is not much, but Misen pans seems a little heavier to ensure durability and more heat absorption. 

Misen pans feature a steeper design which is quite effective to keep the ingredients in place while braising, roasting, and boiling. On the other hand, Made In pans have flared arms with sides boasting shallow depth compared to Misen pans. The design is efficient as it reduces the spilling of sauces while pouring. 


The handles of Misen pans have a shinier look due to polished stainless steel, whereas handles of Made In boast a brushed stainless steel finish that complements the pan’s entire look. 

For sauté pan, both the brands offer helper handles. However, the look is excellent; the brushed handle of Made In hides the smudges and fingerprints, which the polished handle of Misen does not. 

Purchase and Price Information

You can find the products exclusively on the websites of Misen and Made In. Their pricing is relatively lower than most brands such as Wusthof and All-clad because they sell via retailers. 

In terms of pricing between Misen vs. Made In, Misen offers its products at a less expensive price compared to Made In. With Misen, you can save about 25 percent on kitchen knives and 35 per cent on cookware. 

The reason for affordable pricing is because the cookware sets are usually manufactured In China. Now, Made In and Misen has made a partnership with buy now. You can choose to pay later when you cannot pay the price at the moment. Misen gives financing via Affirm and Made In via Klarna.

Pros and Cons 

Let’s list down what are the pros and cons of the Misen vs. Made In brand.

Misen Pros:

  • Compatible cookware with most cooktops like induction
  • Fast heating ability compared to Made In cookware
  • Up to 25-30 per cent savings when purchase from Misen compared to Made In
  • The steeper sidewalls can contain ingredients effectively compared to Made In
  • Provides a 60-day home trial and a lifetime guarantee

Misen Cons:

  • Most of the products are produced in China
  • Limited options on cookware and kitchen knives
  • Lower oven-safe temperature compared to Made In

Made In Pros:

  • Offers 5-ply premium cookware at affordable pricing
  • Backed by five-star Chefs and used in most Michelin star restaurants
  • Offer a variety of cookware offering including carbon steel, non-stick and stainless clad
  • Oven-safe stainless steel cookware to about 800 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Offers limited lifetime warranty

Made In Cons:

  • New to the cookware manufacturing industry
  • Less expensive to most brand but expensive to Misen
  • Does not have multiple collections of cookware like Calphalon and All-Clad brands

Final Thoughts

Both the brands have their highs and lows, but if you want the winner of Misen vs. Made In, we would recommend Misen. The brand has made its name in the market and is known for providing excellent quality products. 

If you compare the cookware with Made In, you can notice how fast it gets heat up, and its walls are more steeper for effective and organized cooking. 

Misen is our #1 choice for modern cookware

Misen provides both versatility and top-tier kitchen quality for cookware. The company has a wide array of cookware across pans, chef knives, skillets, and pots.


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