Misen vs. Victorinox: Best Chef Knives Compared

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Are you looking for high-quality kitchen knives? But you are stuck between the two choices, Misen vs. Victorinox? The brands are well-respected and known for manufacturing incredibly sharp, ultra-durable, and elegantly designed kitchen knives.

Misen and Victorinox share some similarities, but there is a significant difference between the functioning and manufacturing of their kitchen knives. That’s why, you need to know how they are made and which is best to handle all kitchen tasks. 

Overview of Misen and Victorinox

First, let’s discuss the general background of both the brands how they evolved and become the most popular brand in the kitchen industry. 


Since a Kickstarter campaign in 2018, Misen has grown drastically. From manufacturing single Chef’s Knife, they have expanded their range to prep tools, cookware, and more versatile knives. 

Misen offers the most affordable range of products compared to other high-end brands. The reasonable price is because of their direct-to-consumer policy. Also, the fact that most of its products are manufactured in China. 


Being a family-owned company founded in 1884, Victorinox has a rooted history in social responsibility, quality, and innovation. The name Victorinox came from Carl Elsener’s mother, Victoria and Inox means non-corrosive stainless steel developed around the twentieth century. 

The brand is symbolized with a red shield and an embossed white cross over it. It is a symbol of protection, strength, and positivity. The company uses automation and innovation to make sure the quality remains consistent throughout their kitchen knives. 

Functioning of Products

Misen vs. Victorinox, both the brand offers a wide range of kitchen knives with distinct features and exceptional performance. Let’s discuss how well do they perform. 

Misen Chef’s Knife

Misen Chef’s Knife is known for its incredibly sharp blades, which can cut through about anything that it comes across. Misen’s full-tang stamped blade is made with high-quality Japanese AICHI AUS-10 steel. The durability and sharpness of the blade area due to the high carbon content. 

The blade features an ultra-sharp symmetrical grind at fifteen degrees on each side. Moreover, the knife has a Rockwell score of 58. The best part of Misen Chef’s knife is they provide free lifetime sharpening of the knife.  

Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef’s Knife

The Victorinox Fibrox Chef Knife is made with lightweight, premium European steel. The blade is manufactured in a stamped process. Like Misen, Victorinox Knife is also grund in both directions at fifteen degrees edge. This way, the blade can retain the sharp edge for a longer run. 

The light handle and half tang make the knife slightly more challenging to work with. You will require to apply more pressure while making the cut which is not the case with the Misen knife. The longer blade somehow doesn’t offer proper balance to the knife.

Specific Features

Both the blades have excellent sharp abilities; it’s time to discuss the specific features which make them stand out among the rest. 

Blade Design

The Misen 8-inch Chef’s Knife is designed to make a style statement. It highlights a mixture of Japanese and German influence. The blade has a curved edge that is subtle to have convenient rock and cut action. Also, it is not overly broad, which lets you make precise cuts. 

The Victorinox Blade is made eight inches of stamped and high carbon stainless steel. The blade comes slightly curved on the tip to offer a smooth rocking motion to prepare vegetables. However, the tip is slightly heavy, so you will have to perform the task while pointing the knife downward. 

Handle Design

Misen’s handle boasts a balanced and sturdy design. It comes with a grippy texture that doesn’t allow it to slip from your hand. The full tang construction of the knife extends towards the handle, which prevents the risk of the handle and blade separating. 

On the other hand, Victorinox handles are ergonomic and simple handles without any extraordinary features. It comes with a comfortable and nice grip that even kids can easily hold. Unlike Misen, they have a partial tang that goes halfway through the handle.  

Purchase and Price Information

Misen products are available exclusively on their website and follow the direct-to-consumer policy. There are no retail markups involved, and you can directly purchase from their website. Also, the products are manufactured in China will again lower down their cost.

In contrast, Victorinox kitchen knives are available on various retail websites. You have the option to buy from their website or other retail sites like Amazon. That’s the reason Victorinox knives are slightly expensive than Misen kitchen knives. However, they still come under the affordable category. 

Pros and Cons

Let’s compare the pros and cons of Misen vs. Victorinox kitchen knives.

Misen Pros

  • Performs exceptionally well like most high-end kitchen knives brands 
  • The blade is made of AUS-10 steel, which is high-carbon Japanese steel known for edge retention and durability
  • Available in three different color options to choose from as per your kitchen ambiance
  • Well-balanced knife with double-riveted and full tang constructed handle.
  • Extremely sharp blade with 30-degree cutting edge angle

Misen Cons

  • Limits options to buy knives from other places
  • Manufactured in China that limits the knowledge of manufacturing standards and process
  • Comes with no finger guard

Victorinox Pros

  • Handle provides a comfortable and firm grip
  • Highly affordable price compared to most high-end brands
  • The stamped handle results in the overall lightweightness of the knife for more prolonged use
  • The blade is sharp enough to cut food like eggplant, squash, and watermelon

Victorinox Cons

  • Blade is not forged but stamped
  • The handles are rough that can grab dust and debris
  • The sheath is too thin to be used for storage

Final Thoughts

In the end, the winner among Misen vs. Victorinox is undoubtedly Misen. Even though it is a relatively new brand, it has made its mark in the kitchen industry by providing high-quality and affordable products.

On comparing the kitchen knife with Victorinox, you can notice that the Misen knife has more sharp retention and durability than the Victorinox knife. 


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