Misen vs. Wusthof: Best Chef Knifes Tested

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Knives are considered to be one of the essential tools in the kitchen. With an immense amount of competition in the market, you might be a bit overwhelmed to choose the right ones for the best performance. 

Some of the most well-known brands are Misen and Wustof. We will be looking into these two brands in detail by comparing both their features, performance, usability, and the like. 

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Overview of Misen and Wusthof

First, we will be discussing each product and know a few details about how the brand came about and has upgraded since they started. 


Misen had initially launched their products on Kickstarter in 2015. The name is derived from a culinary term that means “put in place.” This means proper preparation with the appropriate and the best tools and ingredients. 

After 2015, the brand was able to bring about more upgrades, especially in terms of various cookware and, most importantly, the knives. With such advancements, there has been consistent progress seen in the brand’s reputation along with the top-notch kitchenware. 


The production of Wusthof cookware and other tools began in 1880. Since then, the brand has kept expanding with a lot of upgrades with kitchen tools, and it started exporting as well, which made it even more famous. 

This brand is family-owned, and there are about 100 robots involved in the knives’ production process. At the same time, some of the finishings are done manually, with some of the best materials, including steel alloy. 

Functioning of the Products

A majority of the Wusthof kitchenware and, most importantly, the knives are made of steel alloy that is corrosion resistant. Moreover, they have a mixture of chromium and carbon as well. Some of their products are made of steel grade as well. 

As for Misen products, their products are mainly made of carbon steel and even stainless clad in some of their cookware. We will be discussing the difference in the cookware sets of Wusthof and Misen simultaneously. 

Misen Cookware Set

The cookware set of Misen is very diverse, and you can find multiple tools and cookware that range from stainless steel to carbon steel. Their collection set is made in such a way that any cook can use it easily. 

A majority of their pans have the five-ply construction, and the materials used in their pans make them very durable at the same. Most of their non-stick skillet has an aluminum base that is very thick along with plasma primer. 

Their stainless steel cookware is also safe to use in the oven, up to a temperature of 500F. All of their pans and pots are induction and dishwasher safe, making them very convenient to use without any other alternatives. 

Misen has been able to gain more popularity among its users due to the various upgrades and mainly because they have been able to offer high-quality products at affordable prices. Along with their products being launched through Kickstarter, they have been able to expand their brand. 

Wusthof Cookware Set

The main difference between Misen and Wusthof is that the latter only has knife series, sharpeners, etc. They do not offer other cookware apart from the knives collection. This brand is well-known for its knife collection and is considered one of the best brands to provide diverse knives suitable for different cooks. 

However, due to their lack of other cookware set, there are no other options other than knives and their sharpeners. Regardless, their collection is unique, and along with that, there are many options to choose from. 

You will be able to find forged and stamped knives made of materials like carbon steel and vanadium, and molybdenum, which makes it a unique brand to be using such materials. 


There are certain specifications and the production process that makes each brand different. Hence, we will be bringing out the differences between the two brands in terms of their design, handles, price, and services, etc. 


Since there are a variety of cookware sets that Misen offers and almost all of them are of excellent quality. Moreover, due to their thickness, it provides more absorption of heat as well. 

The stainless steel is perfectly brushed and has a great design that can look modern but at the same time has undertones of traditional cookware sets. 

In comparison, the Wusthof collection only includes knives and few other tools related to the same. Due to this reason, Misen has the upper hand in the market. Since Wusthof only offers knives, although they are of the best quality, people will not be able to find other necessary cookware sets from the same brand. 

The Wusthof knives undoubtedly have excellent quality, and however, since their collection is only limited to knives, not much comparison can be done regarding the entire cookware. 

Misen does have a chef’s knife, utility, paring knives, and a lot more. However, in terms of design and collections, Wusthof comparatively has more options. There are classic ones, ikon, gourmet and a lot more. 

Purchase and Price Information

The price for Wusthof knives is comparatively higher than  Misen products. The reason being, most of the Misen cookware set is made in China. Wusthof knives are made in Germany, and due to the export expense, their prices are higher. 

Misen also provides a lot of discounts and sales and offers customer services along with shop pay support. Whereas Wusthof they do not have Shop Pay support and doesn’t offer as many promotions. 

Pros and Cons

Misen Pros

  • The heating ability is quicker. 
  • Compatible with the oven, induction, dishwasher, etc.
  • Has a lifetime guarantee
  • Offer 60 trial at home

Misen Cons

  • The oven-safe temperature is quite low
  • There are no flared rims. 
  • Products only available on their website

Wusthof Pros

  • Wusthof knives are very durable. 
  • They offer forged and stamped knives. 
  • They are sharp at a 28-degree angle. 

Wusthof Cons

  • Limited collection, only knives
  • They are quite expensive

Final Thoughts

Although both the brands are outstanding in their ways, we would recommend Misen mainly because it has different cookware to choose from compared to Wusthof. Other than that, they are very affordable and offering high-quality cookware items at the same time.

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This knife has a 15 inch angle making slicing and dicing incredibly easy. From a style perspective, it blends western and eastern knife aesthetics. From a materials perspective, the AUS-10 Steel is optimally constructed for long-term durability.


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