T Fal Ceramic Cookware Review – Is This Brand the Best Ceramic Cookware?

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Are you looking for a new cookware set? Start 2021 right and purchase nonstick cookware for your kitchen. You have a few options available in nonstick cookware. Most manufacturers use PTFE coatings for their products, providing a nonstick surface that’s easy to clean.

However, Teflon coatings containing PTFE comes in various grades. Low-grade nonstick coatings can wear off and degrade over time, leaching into your food as you cook. Several studies show the adverse effects of PFOAs and heavy metals like cadmium on your health. 

Teflon is also not dishwasher safe. The coating wears away under the intense heat and aggressive chemicals used in the dishwasher.

Ceramic coatings are a safe and non-toxic solution to PTFE coatings. Ceramic is an organic material baked into the inside of your cookware to form a hardened nonstick surface. There are no dangerous chemicals in ceramic coatings, and they do better in the dishwasher, allowing for easy cleaning.

If you’re looking for the best ceramic cookware, we recommend going with T-Fal. Our T Fal Ceramic cookware review gives you everything you need to know about this affordable, high-quality brand.

T Fal Ceramic Cookware Review – Is This Brand the Best Ceramic Cookware?

T Fal Ceramic Cookware Review – Company History

T-Fal cookware is a French company founded by Marc Gregoire, a French engineer. Gregoire started the company in 1956 in his hometown of Sarcelles, France.

Gregoire was a fishing enthusiast and decided to experiment with ceramic coatings on his fishing gear. Seeing his gear’s performance, his wife asked him if he could do the same for her cookware – and the rest is history.

65-years later, T-Fal is a subsidiary of the Groupe SEB, based out of Rumilly in France. The brand has a global reputation as one of the best suppliers of ceramic-coated, nonstick cookware.

T Fal Ceramic Cookware Review – What Cookware Is Available with T Fal Ceramic?

T-Fal offers you a wide range of cookware available as single items or sets. For this review, we’ll look at the two cookware sets from the company.

T-Fal offers you the following cookware sets.

  • T-Fal Initiatives 14-Piece Ceramic Nonstick Set
  • T-Fal Ceramic Chef 12-Piece Cookware Set

Both sets come with the following components.

  • 5″ and 11″ ceramic coated frying pans
  • 1-Quart saucier
  • 2-Quart saucier
  • 5-Quart Dutch oven
  • Lids

The 14-piece set comes with an Egg Wonder fry pan and four nylon cooking utensils that won’t scratch your cookware.

The 16-piece T-Fal set comes with a 10″ square ceramic griddle and six non-scratch nylon cooking utensils.

T-Fal Endura Granite or Copper Ceramic Pan Set

T-Fall offers you a frying pan set with an 8″ and 10″ pan included. You have the choice of going with a forged ceramic granite design or a copper set to suit your cooking needs.

T Fal Ceramic Cookware Review – What Does It Cost?

The T-Fal ceramic cookware range is more affordable than high-end brands. However, you still get excellent performance in the kitchen and easy cleaning thanks to the dishwasher-safe coating.

The T-Fal collection is only available through authorized retailers and e-commerce sites like Amazon. The official company website doesn’t sell to the public like other direct-to-consumer brands like Made In.

However, despite not using a direct-to-consumer model, T-Fal retails its collection using an affordable pricing model. T-Fal ceramic cookware sets retail at the following price points.

  • T-Fal Initiatives 14-Piece Ceramic Nonstick Set $160
  • T-Fal Ceramic Chef 12-Piece Cookware Set $220
  • T-Fal Endura Granite Ceramic Pan Set $39
  • T-Fal Endura Copper Ceramic Pan Set $59

Comparing these prices to other leading brands, we see that the GreenPan Prime set retails on Amazon for $200. However, we prefer the T-Fal range design and the addition of the nylon utensils included with your purchase.

T Fal Ceramic Cookware Review – What are the Pros and Cons?


  • Affordable nonstick ceramic cookware
  • An excellent choice for home cooks on a budget
  • Lightweight and easy to control
  • PFOA-free and Teflon-free
  • T-Fal repair centers available to fix your cookware
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Not induction compatible
  • Not as much control as heavier materials like stainless
  • Not suitable for high-temperature cooking
T Fal Ceramic Cookware Review – Is This Brand the Best Ceramic Cookware?

T Fal Ceramic Cookware Review – The Verdict

T-Fal ceramic cookware is an excellent choice for home cooks on a budget. The T-Fal range comes with non-toxic ceramic coatings, free from Teflon and harmful PFOAs. You get a high-performance nonstick surface that requires next to no oil or butter for cooking.

The T-Fal range compares to the GreenPan selection, giving you affordable, safe, nonstick coatings on high-quality cookware. The T-Fal 14-piece and 16-piece sets are excellent value compared to the market leaders in nonstick cookware, like Great Jones, Made In, and All-Clad.

Our T Fal Ceramic cookware chef review shows that this brand produces affordable cookware without skimping on quality. You get an elegant and functional design, with high performance cooking over low heat.

The T-Fal collection is a top choice for home cooks on a budget or people kitting out their first apartment kitchen. It’s hard to find better value at this price point, and we wholly recommend T-Fal cookware for your kitchen.

T Fal Ceramic Cookware Review FAQ


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